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NC Goth Dot Com Newcomers Guide

Since alcohol laws vary from state to state and so many goth nights are in bars, here's some links:

Bars that serve hard liquor and do not make a certain amount (30%?) of their sales from food are required to have memberships. Bars that serve only beer and wine do not have to have memberships. Membership fees vary, sometimes as low as $1 per year. Some bars have memberships available over the Web. Memberships are not given out when they are applied for, there is a three-day waiting period before they can give you your membership.

DISCLAIMER: The author of ncgoth.com is not an attorney. The above is not guaranteed to be either current or accurate. You should talk to an attorney if you have a serious need for legal advice. This is for informational purposes only. Clear? Good.

You are welcome to join the ncgoth.com announcement list. I send out around one to three (at most) summaries of the Shows & Events page, usually after either a big update, or mid-late week to remind you of stuff happening that weekend. On the other hand, if you just look at the shows page often enough, you'll not need to subscribe to the email list. I keep the shows page updated, but can go weeks without sending to the email list. But I tend to mention changes of new or gone clubs or goth nights, and upcoming shows I think merit a shout-out, in the email list announcements.

A quick summary of general drive times between cities in North Carolina, and some cities outside NC. This list is Raleigh-centric because that's where I am.

Also, you can lose your license for driving more than 15 (fifteen) miles per hour faster than the speed limit you are in. Yes, I know that in California this number is 25. No, California laws won't help you here driving here in NC. Yes, I have had a Californian tell me I was wrong about NC laws.

Most recent update 27 May 2008.