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how to get your show, event, club night, or venue listed on this site

What It Costs:
An email to steve@ncgoth.com. That's all: I don't take ads, I don't take money. All I need is an email, but you can save me time and effort by letting me know the things I think I need to know.

What You Need to Put in Your Email:
In the Subject line, it helps me see your announcement if you start the Subject line with "NCGOTH" - no quotes, all caps, no hyphens. That way my filters pick it up and route it correctly. If you forget this, I'll probably still see it, but it might be a little slower.

In the email:

If there's an overall event (like a goth night, or a festival) that the performance is part of, include the name and Web link for that too.

Site update schedule:
I try to add new events as fast as I get them and look at them, ideally within a day or two. Generally I update the site at least once a week, twice or more if I'm getting lots of news in. I've updated the site more than once a day when stuff comes in, if I have time.

Most recent update 21 June 2021.

Complaints, submissions, etc., to steve@ncgoth.com.