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Beautifully made, basic goth staples for men and women. Curse and Kambriel.

Artifice Clothing
Online Gothic company based out of Toronto with a wide range of PVC clothing and robotic accessories.

Noctimania Gothic Clothing
Noctimania Gothic Clothing manufacture and supply high quality affordable gothic clothing designed with size 10-18 women in mind.

Azrael’s Accomplice
Gothic clothing and accessories for men and women. Price range is fairly inexpensive.

Gothic clothing.

Black Rose
The infamous London-based shop offering all sorts of men and women's gothic standards.

A West Yorkshire-based clothing store with a great selection of gothic and other clothing.

Divinity Designs
Women’s clothing from soft and flowy feminine silks and velvets to fierce vinyl. Beautiful looking stuff for low prices!

Enigma Fashions
Romantic women’s fashions in satins and velvets. Very simple and elegant. Not very expensive either (Price ranges from lower $100's to lower $200's)

Gallery Serpentine
Australian-based designers of men’s and women’s Victorian gothic creations. With the American-Australian price exchange, the clothing is cheap!

Gargoyle Clothing
An all-round goth shop featuring clothes like Jeannie Nitro and Eternal Love dresses, t-shirts and accessories.

Grand Illusions
Not necessarily GAF, but this is mega-authentic Victorian wear for men and women at fairly low prices! From Civil War Jackets to bloomers and parasols, it’s here!

House of Harlot
The online home to the infamous British latex designers.

Vex Clothing
Laura Lyn Petrielli's latex fashion designs.

Genevieve Gaelyn Designs
Latex high fashion, wedding Wedding apparel, and the Firepussy Fetish urban rubber wear.

House Of Whacks
Very “whacky”, fun and fabulous latex fashions for men and women.

Inkubus Haberdashery
The South Florida-based gothic clothing and shoe shop with a very silly name.

Red Bank, New Jersey-based company offering medieval and fetish styles. Medieval wear (seems to have more than usually offered garb for men as well as women) at reasonable prices. Clothing/accoutrements featured here is from Jeannie Nitro, Versatile Fashions, The Baroness, and Alchemy Gothic.

Alchemists Emporium
Gothic clothes, shoes, jewellery, handbag, accessories and gifts.

Lip Service
The website for the freaky clothing line found in freaky shops all over.

Northbound Leather
Toronto-based fetish wear for men and women as well as other accoutrements for the leather set. They will make custom pieces to fit your wild ideas!

This is the website for the infamous Toronto-based shop, noted as the oldest gothic emporium in North America. No online catalogue. :(

The Velvet Garden
An online place to buy, sell or trade new and vintage gothic clothing. A bartering site for the bargain goth!

Vampire Technology
A very unique and intriguing approach to rubbery fetish fashion.

Victoria Costumiere
Canadian-based designers of very gothic Victoriana. The site design is a little tedious, but the clothes rock!

Victorian and fantasy clothing designs.

A Wardrobe In Time
Romantic fashion from the medieval and tudor eras for the Rennie in all of us.

AsYluM GothiC ClothinG
Gothic and Alternative Clothing, Footwear, Jewellery, Make-up and Accessories. Flaming Angels
Gothic & Fetish Apparel, Musical Performance & Dance Costumes, Theatre & Film Wardrobe and Fabric Handbags & Accessories

Morticia's Attic
New and used gothic, vintage, punk, alternative clothing, books, music and more.

Affordable costuming for Tudor/Renaissance wear. Both men's and women's clothing available here.

If you've ever had the opportunity to go to Sterling Forest's RenFair, you'd see the fantastic quality of these men's and women's Medievalwear. This site has some of their designs.

An Online Gothic Flea Market

Hourwaist corset blog.

Waist Training Corsets

Molly Lenore
Dark art, jewelry and clothing.

Madame Le Goth

Gown Of Thorns
We stock our own label clothing, and also the very lovely Vicious Venus Corsetry line.

Nehelenia Designs
Gothic and vintage clothing creations.

Eye-Spy Eclectics
Gothic and vintage clothing creations.

Decadent Designs
Custom made gothic and fetish clothing for women.

Grave Images
This company designs and creates T-shirts, tank tops, spaghetti strap tanks and long sleeve shirts from real gravestones, gargoyles and Celtic stones. They also have coffee mugs and coffin gift boxes.

Lavolta Press Victorian Sewing Patterns
Victorian sewing patterns.

Medieval Clothing
Medieval clothing.

Plastik Wrap
Sophisticated Cyber_Trash fashions for the present.

Clothing, jewelry and other tat.

Occult and Wiccan Jewelry

Sins Fashion
Gothic and punk rock clothing.

Heavy Red
Womens' clothing.

Heavy Red
Mens and womens' clothing.

Megaera's Realm
Gothic clothing and gifts.

Ophelia's Attic
"....a purveyor of fine custom clothing and decor for those with an inclination towards a darker aesthetic. We offer a wide variety of handmade goods, from skirts to soaps and Victoriana from bloomers to mourning wreaths"".

Goth Clothes
"We specialize in romantic gothic clothing and accessories as well as hand made jewelry both on our website and in our local boutique."

A Little Touch of Magick
"For The Best Alternative Clothing and Footwear Wicked Gothic, Funkiest Punk, Coolest New Rock & Rockabilly and Emo To Die For".

Rubber Zoo

Dark Destiny Designs
Tarty gothic corsetry, pinstripes and pvc for men and women inspired by alternative, club, and cyberpunk culture.

Battie Clothing

Skulls and Lace

Swords of Honor
Medieval clothing.

Treasures of the Gothic Realm
Hand-selected Gothic jewelry, Gothic art, Gothic apparel.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, great selection.

Morph Clothing

Drac in a Box

Mechanical Bunny

Lingerie Express
a "main stream supplier of corsets in the UK".

Coucou Corsets

Wings of Sin
Hand made and hand painted gothic inspired clothing.

Insidious Clothing
One-of-a-kind items, inspired by heavy metal.

Hail Mary NY
Clothing and accessories for men and women in the goth, punk, and rock and roll scene.

Mystic Crypt
Gothic plus sized clothing.

Mtcoffinz - Mtcoffinz Etsy

Lingerie online -UK lingerie company supplying pvc underwear, fetish clothing, leather bras and fishnet bodystockings.

Goth Station
Gothic clothing.

Kate's Clothing
UK-based, and one of the UK's longest established Alternative stores.



This English company has been making corsets for over 100 years. Full catalogue available online.

Brute Force Leather & Lace
I don’t think they’re kidding with a name like that! Makers of Gothic, Medieval and Fantasy wear, but mostly... corsets!

Dark Garden
San Francisco-based corsetiers, all their work is custom and ranges from bridal to fetishy styles.

Delicious Corsets
Philly-based designers of men and women’s corsets. Unusual color pairings and patterns.

The Fitting Room
Seattle based corset makers and suppliers for busks, grommets, etc.

J. C. Creations
Amsterdam-based corsetiers, who make some unique corset styles and corset outfits for training and for us gothies. In English, German and Dutch. Pricing is moderate (gotta do the currency conversion).

Le Chateau Exotique
This New Hope, Pennsylvanian-based shop carries corsets by Versatile fashions, Delicious, and Vollers (to name names) and other fun fetish wear.

Puimond Progressive Corsets
Custom-making, Canadian corset designer. Really nice site, not as many corset styles as Starkers!, but will create designs from your dreams.

Round Two Costumes
A variety of renaissance style clothing.

Sinister Designs
Hard core leather corsetry and accessories. Not for the meek.

Dianna DiNoble is the genius behind this Toronto-based company. Her corsets are made-to-order, fit heavenly and are priced amazingly (convert from Canadian dollars). My personal favorite of corsetieres.

Stormy Leather
All sorts of yummy corset styles as well as naughty toys for pery-goths. Due to the fact that practically everything is leather (hell, Leather is in the name) this is certainly not for tree-hugging veggie goths.

The Underground Aristocracy
The corset designs of New York based designer, Shumit Basu.

Vicious Venus

This English corset company has been making corsets for over 100 years. Very luscious stuff here on this funky site!

make your own corset

Well-done catalog.

Pandora's Fun Box
More corsets.

Asylum 7
Cyber/Goth/Techno/Unisex corsetry from Australia.

Twilight Attire
Simple and cute bodices and corsets.

Nightshade Corsets
Authentic, hand-made corsets, reasonably priced. Steel boned, back lacing, made with satin, brocade or PVC. Off-the-rack and custom sizing available. Shop securely online.

Altered Tyme - a corsetmaker in Alabama, USA.

Iuliana Mihut - A collection of unique, handmade corsets, ranging from sexy, enticing pieces to elegant underwear and colorful, appealing lingerie. All Corsets are original, unique creations.

Dark Desires - High quality hand tailored latex corsetry and apparel. Original and custom designs.

Gothic Revival - Steel Boned Corsets and Accessories Original and custom designs.



Gothic Collection
Gothic Jewelry by Gothic Collection.

Chainmail and More
The name says it all —from simple jewelry to clothing...

Gryphon’s Moon
A range of celtic jewelry and charming little poison rings... mentions clothing too, but you’re better off just checking out the jewelry.

Lemon Spread
Australian-based jewelry design in crystal and oxidised silver plated pewter. Very stunning!

Like A Cat
Pagan style jewelry, very wide range of pentagrams, kitties, bats, celestial and goddesses. The site looks cheesy, but the jewelry section is great.

This NJ-based designer creates chainmail designs from headpieces to anklets and clothing. Very well priced.

Marche Noir
Silver jewelry from that coffin ring you’ve been lusting for to Thor’s hammer pendants...

Poe's Attic
The special goodies offered here range in the antiquey, Victorian, mourning/funereal pieces. Prices are moderate, jewelry is gorgeous!

Tribal Glass
Pyrex plugs and glass goodies for your ear and nose piercings. Neat stuff.

Victorian Charm
An array of lovely hand-crafted beaded crystal costume jewelry; from simple to complex from this Canadian designer.

Raven Eve
Lovely, one of a kind chokers, necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Eyescream Jewelry
Dynamic Jewelry to inspire your Muse. Offering original Bats, Headpieces, Dragonflies, Butterflies, sounds of the Dark Muse & more...

AZ Sixel - unique, one of a kind necklaces and other jewelry, home decor, beaded bottles, polish jewelry boxes, mirrors, and an assortment of great gifts



Antimony & Lace
This one has helped MANY folks on our list! A fabulous resource.

Buny’s E-Fabrics
Fabulous, exotic fabrics... velvets, vinyls, satin... yum!

Coffin Purses
Inspiring for coffin purses and the like.

How To Wreck Your Neck
For us veggie goths, leather is unthinkable. But if you must, here’s a nifty resource for leather working.

Gawth Krafte
This interesting site has many different do it yourself things, chocolates, gloves, purses, candles, coin jewelry, etc.

Gothic Fashion Sewing
Gothable patterns. Some dresses, some sleeves here, a neckline there.

La Mode Bagatelle
Focuses on how-to’s for women’s wear of the Regency era.

Laughing Moon Mercantile
Victorian sewing patterns.

Past Patterns
A collection of period clothing patterns for men and women. They may be going for authenticity, and you and go for goth-ability.

Patterns of Time
A clothier’s guild for the complete costumer. From patterns to clasps, costumes and kilt pins.

The Recollections of J.P. Ryan
Period patterns for men and women’s wear.

Six Feet Under
This site is sure to please those hunting for easy to make clothing and other gothable tips.

Timeless Textiles
Many luscious fabrics for you to buy online!

Truly Victorian
More Victorian patterns — specializing in the 1840’s to the 1890’s.

Victoria Louise
A head-spinning resource of supplies for period fashion, corsets, patterns, and notions.

Home to period patterns of clothing from the 12th to the 20th century. Millinery too!

Amazon Drygoods
Not so much available on the site, but the catalogues offered are a must have! Shoe, clothing patterns, window treatment and general catalogues have a wide variety of supplies and treats for period style!

Richard the Thread
Distributor of corset supplies, costume supplies-notions, fabrics, and dress forms.



Costume Holiday House Inc.
A small variety of funky tights.

Pennalagan Dreams
Tasty footwear from Britain for men and women.

Sexy Shoes
This is *thee* shoe fetishists’ site. High heels and boots galore to drool over!

Sexy Fetish Shoes
Some of the nice boots, mainly “stripper shoes” though.

Vegetarian Shoes
Cruelty-free shoes that won’t make us veggie goths feel like hippies.

Vixens And Angels
Funky ass shoes including Doc Martens, Fluevogs, and Muro. Other goodies at this cyber store front include body jewelry and hair dye.

Ravenlocks - Custom hair extensions. Dreads, braids, curls and cute little hair clips

I Puke Glamour - dread falls and extensions

Walk In The Clouds
It's a cheesy looking site, but they're got lots of funky and cute tights!

Extraordinary shoes and boots for cheap. Great service.

Fantasy Shoes



Gothic Auctions
Goth Auctions has been around since 2001. You can find everything from gothic clothing, corsets, shoes, cosmetics, accessories and much more within the website.

A neat little place for some jewelry, cosmetics, oils and other little tidbits.

Some very cool leatherwork, nice stuff.

Angel’s Flight Path
Angel wings in a variety of colors and styles, for the ethereally inclined.

Chateau Bizarre
A merhcant portal site with commentary and reviews.

Bad Kitty Gear
Cute “horny” bags! Not much happening on the site, but definitely write and ask for sample pics!

A large selction of bindis from simple to fancy, very inexpensively priced!

A Cool Breeze Fans
Beautiful and high-quality fans for all occasions and styles— they even offer fans specifically for men!

The Cornerstone
A variety of cheaply-priced t-shirts, jewelry, candles and gothic accessories. Made for the “budget goth” and home of the cruelty-free!

Demeter Fragrances
For familiar yet unique and unusual blends of perfumes. How could any goth pass up checking out a fragrance called “Funeral Home” or “Vinyl”?

Fifi Mahony
The site is sparse, but this New Orleans shop is the source for the most FABOO glitter lip gunk!

The Gothic Shoppe
This site makes all sorts of gothy fineries available from gothic shampoos to cigarette cases.

Luna & Solara
Creators of festive masks, hats and veils.

Ragdoll Hair Weave Co.
An amazingly wide variety of hair pieces and accessories.

Retro Tip Tray
Hairstyling for the 1930’s — making finger waves

Hair tips for achieving starlet fingerwaves reminiscent of the 1930’s

Not goth per se, but as far as cosmetics go, this place is GIRL HEAVEN! Check out Anna Sui’s victorianesque line.

Suppliers of Ben Nye Cosmetics as well as pancake makeup and other heavy-duty beauty.

Tart Blossom
These merchants carry all sorts of wigs and hairpieces in fun colors. Definitely for all of us gothic folks who need a quick hair change or a fix for a bad hair day.

Makers of velvet, lace and vinyl parasols to keep us melanin-free in the sun.

Urban Decay
Dark and dirty colored cosmetics for those of us who can't stand the palette of pinks. Moderately priced.

Victorian Hairstyles
An inspiring look at the changing Victorian woman’s hair, broken down by decade.

Morbid Outlook
The home of the ethereal swirly girly and webzine of Mistress Laura, Morbid Outlook frequently features articles on dark fashion.

Fairy Gothmother
British-based gothic clothing.

I Spy Graphics
T-shirts, stickers and other paraphernalia for all your subversive needs.

Sunspot Designs
Affordable jewelry and gifts for those who appreciate a dark aesthetic. From pewter to sterling, Czechoslovakian crystal to human bone - custom orders welcome!

Shop of Little Horrors
Spooky dolls.

La Carmina, Gothic Lolita Fashion blog

Gothic Portal
: "Gothic Poems and Gothic Fashion at the Gothic Portal". A Little Touch of Magick!
: "Gifts, home decor and fashion for Sirens, Witches, Pagans and Goth Girls."