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about this site

This started as my collection of notes about local clubs gleaned from the NC-Gothic maillist at tormented.com, and grew from there. It is *not* an official FAQ of that maillist: I'd suggest referring to the list's website for official rumor control. I am not the admin for any mail list in the area, I just read most of them.
I hope putting this information available to others from the list will save some of them a few minutes of typing out yet another set of directions to Baha, or the Ritz. To anyone over the last couple of years that I've taken your driving instructions or other comments and used them as the basis for content on this site, thank you - in some cases you've saved at least me a couple of hours driving around an unfamiliar town looking for a badly-marked building in a warehouse district.

Why am I bothering to try publishing this site and keep it updated? As I mentioned above, I started this as notes on directions and upcoming shows to clubs I hadn't been to at the time, because it's fairly easy for me to dump information up to a webserver and get to it from wherever I am, or to share it with friends and acquaintances. Also, there's just not another active website I've seen that focuses on gothic/ethereal/darkwave/whatever you want to call it for the state of North Carolina. Sure, there's other, more general North Carolina music sites, but how many of them mentioned the last Nomad Project AV or Xero/G project? I've been keeping this going and updated in its present structure for about six months now, and would like to share it with people.

I admit that the aesthetics of this site are so bare-bones minimal they're a caricature of Zen :). I'll be working on the look of this site, but I wanted to get the content and initial structure running - we'll improve the looks and organization as time goes on. I care much more about keeping the content correct and up-to-date than I do the look, honestly.

What do I want from you, the people reading this site? Information. I can't be everywhere in North Carolina, so let me know about upcoming shows, events, and anything else you think might be relevant. If it's relevant, I'll put it up on the site.

Send all relevant complaints, corrections, additions, ideas, suggestions, "What I'd like to see this site have would be...", etc., to Steve. Thanks in advance, let's see what happens here.

30 April 2000

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